We love our patients and are always asking for feedback from them on ways we can improve as a dental practice and a team!  Here are some comments made by patients over the past 6 months.

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" Dr. Mule' is by far the best dentist I have had and I'm 54. I used to fear going and seeing one. not anymore. I love how you tell the patient what's going on. You are professional in your dealings with me and your attitude is positive. Keep up the good work. Lest I forget, the office personel are fantastic, upbeat every time I come in. Keep on smiling. :) P.S. Pain free on dental work. :)

J. H.

What did you like best about your visit? "Everything -- your staff are wonderful and always make my day"
How can we improve? "You can't improve on perfection."

E. A.

"Dr. Mule' is a natural, great talent."

D. D.

"Everyone is very kind and helpful. No pain at all felt with treatment. Dr. Mule' always explains everything he is doing. I feel no improvement needed whatsoever. Assistants are so well qualified."

J. P. (patient with the practice over 20 years)

"A friendly, painless experience!"

C. T.

"Everyone is so professional and friendly! The staff makes you feel welcome. Office decor with flowers inside and plants at entry make one feel that we are entering a very special place! And believe me, going to a dentist has never been very pleasant for me!"

L. J.

" Cheerfulness and information on improving dental care without a guilt trip"

J. S.

"Everytime I have been here, everyone has been great!"

S. G. (patient of the practice over 30 years)

"Felt very relaxed. Dr. was very calm and very informative -- I appreciate Dr. expalining things to me."

P. S.

In regard to our hygenist: "excellent care, very friendly conversation and advice"

P. S.

What did you like best about your visit? "Understanding my crazy schedule and superb customer service as always and a thorough education on electric toothbrushes"

M. A.

What did you like best about your visit? "communication, gentle care! Thank you! Your office rocks!"

A. A.

"The staff is uber friendly"

A. M.

What did you like best about your visit? "professionalism"

A. S.

How can we improve? "Keep up the good work!"

B. A.

"Laughter, friendly, The whole enchilada."

D. V.

"friendly, very comfortable"

P. S.

"I truely feel Dr. Weston was very honest with me and I was very impressed with his care-- and Stacey (dental assistant) was very pleasant and thorough in x-rays"


"Fast, efficient, and friendly"

A. H.

What did you like best about your visit? "Kelly (hygenist) and office efficience and friendliness."

P. H.

"Warm, welcoming, kindness"

G. C.

"Friendly, efficient, good magazines!"

J. S.

"concise and complete service"

P. S.

"Very friendly and prompt"


"Friendly, listens, thorough"

B. B.

"very professional yet family atmosphere"

R. G.

"I always feel confortable"

M. F.

What did you like best about your visit? "The staff"

Y. S.

"Everyone was friendly."


What did you like best about your visit? "the explanations"


What did you like best about your visit? "visiting with Dr. Chris"

A. A.

"always consistent care. I'm never kept waiting for a long time."

D. L.

"very friendly, nice"

S. K.

"Excellent service and company. Thank you."


"very friendly. My teeth always feel clean after the cleaning."

J. P.

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